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exoTicos® Traditional Coconuts

exoTicos coconuts are grown in Costa Rica; we only offer export-quality nuts.


We bring you this product in its natural container, the way nature intended. This helps protect its contents, guarantees its wholesomeness, and the preservation of its physical, chemical, and nutritional properties. Once harvested from the palm tree, this product is husked, tended with care, and delivered to you in its traditional coconut presentation.

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Storage and Shelf Life

This product has a long shelf life. The protection provided by its hard shell prolongs its durability. Product shelf life is estimated at 60 days, if product is refrigerated at 0 – 2 degrees Celsius and at a relative humidity ranging between 90% and 95%. Storage of this product at room temperature or at warm temperatures with high relative humidity, may cause the product to germinate. However, you can store at room temperature for a few days without having any problems. If you can't refrigerate this product, you should store it in a dry and cool place, and away from direct exposure to sunlight.

Additional Product Benefits

Our exoTicos Traditional Coconuts are 100% natural, 100% free of preservatives, and 100% free of contamination.

International Orders

This product may be ordered with other fresh export products, such as: green young coconuts, cassava, and export tubers (yam, chamol, malanga, tiquizque). You may order it in 20 and 40 foot full container-loads. Please consider that, if you order this product for export combined with other fresh items, temperature and relative humidity settings are adjusted to be compatible to all products in the container. exoTicos Traditional Coconuts are graded and packaged in the following way:

  • Variety.- Malayan Yellow Coconut.
  • Weight and Size.- 600g to 800g per coconut with an average circumference of 13 inches (or higher).
  • Packaging.- 40 coconuts per net and 40 nets per pallet.

For fully-loaded exoTicos Traditional Coconut container, the product is loaded on pallets in the following configuration:

Container Size Coconuts per Net Nets per Pallet # Pallets Nets per Container
20 foot 40 40 10 400
40 foot (High Cube) 40 40 20 800

Shelf Life: 40 days from packing date. This product must be kept in refrigeration.

National Orders

This product is also available for sale and distribution in the Costa Rican market. Minimum order size will depend on customer location, need for door to door service, and scheduling of production.

For additional information on national and international orders please visit our 'Contact Us' section.

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