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Our work team is integrated by an interdisciplinary group of professionals with abundant experience and relevant academic backgrounds. These, among others, are members of our permanent staff and they are dedicated to our key business areas; however, certain projects call for additional temporary team members; in those cases we access our base of reliable freelance consultants.

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Professional Services

Agribusiness Setup and Management

Companies dedicated to producing and / or processing agricultural products face great complexity; an integral knowledge of these challenges will allow your business to grow in a more orderly and efficient way. Any business benefits and grows when its resources are used in the most efficient way possible. The complexity of the agricultural production and processing chain that follows it create important growth and planning challenges that we can help you address. Through the preparation of customized business plans for new business ideas or the development of assessments on established companies, we can generate and implement strategies that will help you maximize the use of the resources you have available.

Setup and Management of Costa Rican Fresh Produce and Processed Foods Export Projects

We focus on the analysis of available agricultural products, logistics, costs, export procedures at origin and destination, and coordination between producers, exporters, importers, and distributors of fresh produce and processed food products. Our role can transcend research and planning stages and it can include project implementation and continuous supervision of new or already established projects. We can provide management services for projects that fall within the scope of this section’s title.

Environmental Assessment on Agricultural Projects

Agricultural production and processing systems generate important quantities of waste. This waste can potentially generate value for both the producer and the processor. At the same time, proper management of this waste is important to maintain adequate sanitation standards at the work site and to improve your company’s image. Consulting services offered in this field come to fill the need to properly manage agricultural waste and to add value to your business by doing so.

Sustainable Agriculture

Our experience in production and processing of organic and sustainable food products allows us to offer you consulting services in this field. We can assess your production systems and create strategies to convert or improve them towards more sustainable methods of production and processing.

Public Relations and Corporate Image and Communication

The success of your business depends on much more than just being proficient on managing all of its productive and operative elements. It is important to be focused on your image, your approach to customer service, to your markets, and towards effective communication with your purveyors, team members, and clients. Customer service platforms are an incredibly important aspect in any company’s relationship with its clients and with their surrounding environment. These are so of the reasons why productive and operational proficiency must be accompanied by an exceptional management of other elements that are critical to success. DISASO offers you an integral service to create and launch campaigns and strategies focused towards achieving specific high impact results in these vital areas.

Administrative Support

The success of your company and its growth in new areas requires diligent analysis of all requisites and procedures that must be fulfilled to operate properly. Our services in this area are focused towards helping you complete all those steps that stand between your ideas and the actual growth of your company. With our help you will not need to dedicate as much time on aspects that distract you from your core priorities.

Setup, Assessment, and Supervision of Information Technology Projects.

Your business is practically a living organism that grows and learns; discipline and dedication are required for it to develop properly and for it to reach its full potential. New needs emerge as your business grows; many of them in specialized areas. Our experience in information technology projects qualifies us to provide relevant consulting services that are oriented towards creating and implementing strategies that will maximize the results of your information technology platforms.

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