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Gustavo Díaz Flores



Agronomist, EARTH University

Gustavo has significant experience in sourcing, producing, and exporting fresh produce and processed food products into the United States. He has acquired his knowledge in these areas through personal business and through his experience with the private sector. He has served as Sales Director and General Manager for Sunnyside Farms, Sunnyside Institute, and Green Circle Proteins, US based companies dedicated to the production and commercialization of fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, beef, and chicken meats in Washington, D.C.’s metropolitan area, northern Virginia, and Maryland. He later served as Director of Operations for Kapalua Farms, a subsidiary of Maui Land & Pineapple Company (MLP), a Hawaiian company dedicated to the production of organic pineapples, vegetables, and eggs for distribution, based on product line, in Hawaii and the US West Coast. At the same time, he served as Director of Sales & Business Development for Maui Pineapple Company, also a subsidiary of MLP, company dedicated to the production and distribution of fresh Maui Gold pineapples in Hawaii and the US West Coast.

Gustavo returned to Costa Rica to dedicate more time at an important crossroads for DISASO, his Costa Rican company. The year 2009 has produced very interesting business growth prospects which merit his full-time involvement.

Gustavo’s experience is particularly strong in the areas of business development, brand development, creation and execution of business reengineering plans, cost reduction, low performance business line elimination and profit maximization. His responsibilities in the private sector have also included managing human resources, reformulating and launching new business ventures, development and execution of financial models, budgeting, sales, and marketing, among others.

Gustavo Díaz Ramírez

General Manager


Systems Engineer & MBA

Gustavo Díaz R. has extensive experience in the area of information technology, specifically in the fields of programming, systems analyses, technical support, and in the development of financial applications, including those related to the areas of Accounting, Credit, Loans, Checking Accounts, etc. On the management end, he has directed several important IT Departments. Additionally, he served, for 10 years, as university level professor and as President of The Graduation Examinations Committee at the Central America Autonomous University. During the past 15 years he entered the field of sales of Information Technology Solutions, Consulting, and Information Technology Project Management. His experience also includes vast knowledge in government-based business opportunities and bidding on state business offers. For the past year Gustavo Díaz R. has been the General Manager for DISASO, S.A. and as such has been in charge of all matters related to a fresh produce distribution organization which also develops and exports processed foods and provides consulting services in the areas of agriculture.

Laura Flores

Marketing Manager


BSc. in Public Relations

Laura Flores has extensive experience in the field of Public Relations. During the 1980’s, she founded and directed the Public Relations Department at Banco Anglo Costarricense, the first bank in Costa Rica. She also set the bases for the creation, in the same bank, of the Marketing Department. After her time with the bank, she also led several PR and Sales Departments in the private industry. In the different positions she held Laura also came to be in charge of Customer Service Departments. Furthermore, Laura has written several articles on PR and Sales and since 1998 has served as an adjunct consultant for Universidad de las Ventas (uventas.com).

Daniel Díaz Flores

Research & Development Manager


Agronomist, EARTH University

Daniel is our newest team member. Daniel brings to the team his background in the areas of design and implementation of domestic and agro-industry wastewater management systems; at the same time, his critical eye and scientific approach contribute to specific consulting segments of the business in the areas of experimental modeling of new agricultural products, solid wastes management, and carbon footprint analysis and remediation options implementation. Daniel is also DISASO’s webmaster for the following web sites: www.paisanitos.com, www.disaso.com, www.exo-ticos.com, and www.coco-freeze.com; he also works on brand and label design for our new product lines.

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