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Bamboo Straws

Our straws are made from a very special bamboo grown in Costa Rica. Very dedicated handcrafting goes into turning our bamboo into these beautiful straws. Our product is available to both small and large customers and it is offered in multiple presentations. Individual packs or boxes with large packs are available based on customer needs. Our bamboo straws are popularly used to drink from our delicious green young coconuts; however, they can also be used to drink your favorite shakes, sports drinks, soda, etc.

Our bamboo straws are a product of nature; therefore, as in any living population, there is variability in its individuals. This is why we can’t guarantee exact measures on thickness and shape of the straw; however, we make our best effort to meet your needs when possible. Our straws are generally straight and their thickness ranges based on the intended application.

You can use them to drink:

  • exoTicos Deluxe or Traditional coconut water
  • Cocktails
  • Natural fruit drinks and fruit punches
  • Soda
  • Shakes

You may also use them in special events such as barbecues, weddings, and theme parties.

National & International Orders

This product can be ordered for local sales or for export. Packaging is the same in both cases. Deliveries for local sales are made using our own distribution system. Product for export is shipped by air using FedEx, DHL, or UPS.


Case contents: 3.000 bamboo straws. Each case contains 20 smaller boxes, each one of those boxes contains 150 bamboo straws in bags of 50 straws each. Each bag and each box is labeled.

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