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exoTicos® Traditional Young Coconut Water

exoTicos® Traditional Young Coconut Water is water from green young coconuts. This item is an export quality product that is specially selected and processed following high quality standards.

The green young coconuts used for our product are subjected to a rigorous selection process that starts from their days on the palm tree to the moment in which they are delivered to our customers. A trained group of professionals monitors our green young coconut selection to make sure sweetness and product quality are exceptional.

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Stringent quality control mechanisms are implemented throughout the entire process, including harvest, one of the most important steps in the process. During harvest, our growers commit to only picking the highest quality green young coconuts and to handling them carefully to ensure excellent quality. These are some of the aspects that make our exoTicos® Deluxe Young Coconut Water superior to other similar products.


We bring you this product in its natural container, the way nature intended. This helps protect its contents, guarantees its wholesomeness, and the preservation of its physical, chemical, and nutritional properties. This product is not modified after harvest; it is picked from the palm tree, tended with care, and delivered to you in its traditional green young coconut presentation.


Green young coconut water volume ranges from 300 mL to 450 mL per green young coconut.

How to Use it

We offer you this product in its unmodified natural container. Therefore, it is protected by its green husk. This is why, prior to consuming, you will need to peel or remove the top of the green young coconut. This is the general area where the germination pores are located and this is where you need to cut so you can extract the water from the nut. Just as in our Deluxe product, once you remove the top part of the husk, you will find three germination pores; two of these will be hardened and one of them will be softer than the others. Once you locate the softer pore you will need to perforate that pore so you can drink the young coconut water.

Storage and Shelf Life

This product has a long shelf life. The protection of the green husk prolongs its durability. In refrigeration at 5 to 15 degrees Celsius and at a relative humidity at or below 85% you may consume this product within 45 days from harvest. However, you may also store it at room temperature. Its shelf life then will be approximately 30 days, so long as you keep your green young coconuts in a dry and cool place. They should also not be stored in direct exposure to sunlight.

Additional Product Benefits

Our exoTicos® Deluxe Young Coconut Water is a 100% natural, 100% free of preservatives, and 100% free of contamination isotonic beverage. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has called it The Natural Hydrating Drink which, thanks to its natural properties, competes with traditional commercial hydrating drinks. It is also referred to as the Fluid of Life, as it was used intravenously on soldiers as a short-term intravenous hydration fluid in cases of emergency during World War I when intravenous solution was not available. Green young coconut water is also associated to many additional health benefits; for example:

  • It cools the body and helps maintain a normal body temperature.
  • It aids the effective transfer of nutrients and oxygen to cells.
  • It rehydrates the body and naturally replenishes body fluids lost while exercising.
  • It helps raise our body’s metabolism rate, which can promote weight loss.
  • It helps boost our immune system and it helps enhance our body’s ability to detoxify and fight disease.
  • It is an effective digestive tract cleanser.
  • It is beneficial to diabetic patients trying to control diabetes.
  • It helps maintain the right pH balance in our body, which helps reduce the risk of cancer.
  • It is beneficial in treating kidney and urethral stones.

International Orders

This product is only available for international orders in full container-loads. You may order it in 20 and 40 foot containers. Product is loaded on pallets in the following configuration:

Container Size Units per Case # Cases # Pallets Cases per Container
20 foot 11 48 10 480
40 foot (High Cube) 11 54 20 1.080

Shelf Life: 40 days from packing date. This product must be kept in refrigeration.

National Orders

This product is also available for sale and distribution in the Costa Rican market. Minimum order size will depend on customer location, need for door to door service, and scheduling of production.

For additional information on national and international orders please visit our ‘Contact Us’ section.

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